Graduating Life- Grad Life LP


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Sophomore LP by Graduating Life. Bart and friends really knock it out the park with this one. This release has not ONE, not TWO, not THREE, not FOUR, not FIVE. not SIX, not SEVEN, not EIGHT, not NINE, BUT TEN STELLAR TRACKS. I almost forgot how to count for a second. What was Bart thinking unleashing so much EPICNESS into the world? With BEASTMODE riffs and DEPRESSING AS SHIT lyrics, GRAD LIFE by Graduating Life is an INSTANT classic. I mean seriously, can you call yourself an MCR fan if you don't like this record? Don't take it from me just press play and let your eardrums decide for themselves. I mean they are grown and capable of forming their own opinions.

- Gandhi

Co-released by Open Door Records and Halloween Records

Track Listing

  1. There's Only One Way
  2. Family Reunion
  3. Carry a White Flag
  4. It's Second Year
  5. Don't Have Kids
  6. Watch You Die!!!
  7. Stinky Man
  8. Victory Song
  9. Your Town Is a Time Capsule
  10. Finale

Pressing Information

1st Pressing:
Black /300